Our Vision is advocacy for

Hinaak Towis Hennak, (Living a Good Life)

  Supporting Positive Behavioral and Mental Health Wellness

Heart Lake

The foundation to all that we do and support is to sustain and strengthen hinti wuskin ʼona (what the heart says). Hinti wuskin ʼona is the original lifeway and principle for many Indigenous California peoples for being in TRUTH..

L.U.T.E.A. is certified to offer support circles founded upon the teachings of the White Bison Wellbriety Movement to assist those who wish to find hinti wuskin ʼona within themselves. 

Each support group circle offers an optional intensive program for those who are committed to bringing right relations into their lives, families and communities.

Contact us to find out more information, and if you are interested in participating locally or through online meetings.   

Our Support Circles

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